FINCA's Chef Movie Night . 3/5/2018

When we tell people that we cook Cuban inspired street food, often one of the first things people talk to us about is the film, 'Chef'.

Well, after two years, we feel the time has finally come to bring FINCA and 'Chef' together properly for three nights only.

We’re giving FINCA fans the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the film with three cook-a-long screenings taking place on Thursday 3rd May, Friday 4th May and Saturday 5th May, each starting at 7pm.

There’ll be cocktails and tunes from the soundtrack to kick start your night, followed by the unique foodie and movie experience.

Expect our signature cubanos, gouda filled croquettas, FINCA sweet potato fries, mariquitas and of course, popcorn too.

Not to mention the return of our famous Cuban style donuts, bunuelos.

This is a night you won’t want to miss out on!

*£25 includes the screening and all food - drinks are sold separately.

Attendees must be 18+